Duesseldorf: Watch out for these startup events

The startup scene is thriving – and not just in startup hotspots like Berlin or Hamburg. Duesseldorf has all kinds of exciting things to offer entrepreneurs and startup founders. It isn’t just one of the most beautiful cities on the banks of the Rhine; it’s also an attractive location for free spirits, innovators and business owners. There are numerous coworking spaces and networking events, plus a wide range of workshops, lectures and interesting conferences for startups and entrepreneurs. In fact, there are so many things going on in the startup scene it makes you kind of dizzy, so we have selected a few of the most interesting events for you:

Startup-Woche Duesseldorf (April 13 to 20)

Startup-Woche in Duesseldorf is a genuine highlight in the startup event calendar. It’s where visionaries, heroes and newcomers meet people, companies and products that enrich the startup community – 7 days with 150 events and workshops. QVC’s startup initiative QVC NEXT will be hosting its own event for Startup-Woche: “Behind the Screens at QVC”. It includes a tour of the studios to show participants how products are effectively presented live on air. QVC will also be sharing some home shopping secrets and explain how sales triggers are used to boost demand. After the tour Ronald Käding, Vice President Merchandise at QVC, and famous special guest Ralf Dümmel, will be chatting to participants in an interactive panel discussion.

When? Thursday April 19 at 5 p.m.

What? Studio tour (5 – 6 p.m.), Panel discussion & networking (6 – approx. 9 p.m)

Where? QVC Rhein Studios, Plockstraße 30, 40221 Duesseldorf

Registration: Anticipation is half the fun – so you can’t register until February 27. You can find all the information at https://www.startupwoche-dus.de

Attendance of both events is free of charge!

Rheinland-Pitch Duesseldorf #52

Rheinland-Pitch was initiated by Startplatz in 2013.  It’s a monthly event that gives up to four startups the chance to pitch their business idea on stage to an audience of 100 or more people – including potential investors, corporations, startups and other interested people. Here are the rules: each team has seven minutes to give the most exciting and innovative pitch possible, and then another seven minutes to answer questions from the audience. The winner of each of the Rheinland-Pitches is decided in an online audience vote.

Which startups are eligible to pitch?

It makes no difference whether your idea is just two days old or the second investment round has already been completed – anyone can participate.

One week before the official Rheinland-Pitch the startups have to give a preliminary pitch to a jury behind closed doors. The jury then selects four of the startups to go on stage at the Rheinland-Pitch.

When? Thursday February 26

Where? Startplatz Duesseldorf, Speditionstraße 15a, 40221 Duesseldorf

Registration: http://rheinlandpitch.de

Design Thinking Workshop Compact

Discover your potential. Design Thinking is an innovation technique that originated in Silicon Valley and can be learned in just one day. This compact, one-day workshop teaches participants how to use the interactive Design Thinking process in a multidisciplinary team. It involves solving a task to demonstrate how teams can work efficiently and come up with an innovative solution very quickly. There are five stages in the Design Thinking process: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test. The workshop also shows participants how to apply practical methods and tools in each phase.

When? Thursday January 25, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Where? Startplatz Duesseldorf, Speditionstraße 15a, 40221 Duesseldorf

Registration: You can find further information about the workshop and register here.

StartupDorf founder evening

StartupDorf is a local startup community that educates, inspires and networks startup founders. It holds regular meet-ups, including the StartupDorf founder evening in Duesseldorf. Go along to meet up with successful local startup owners, innovators, educators and investors, and hear about their stories and experiences in the process of building businesses of all sizes. You can find further information about meet-up dates online.



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