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Legal notice

Entity responsible for the content on, contract partner, media proprietor and publisher:

QVC Handel S.à r.l. & Co. KG
Rhein Studios
Plockstr. 30
40221 Düsseldorf

Registry court: Düsseldorf Local Court Commercial Register no. HRA 20305
VAT no. DE 262 728 828

Personally liable managing partner is QVC International Management GP S.à r.l., of West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA, represented by its president Mathias Bork.

The person responsible for programming pursuant to the North-Rhine Westphalian State Media Act is Mathias Bork (CEO – Chief Executive Officer)

Telephone number: (0049) (0)211 3 00 70
Fax number: (0049) (0)211 30 07 51 00

Responsible regulatory agencies

City of Düsseldorf
The Mayor
Marktplatz 2
40213 Düsseldorf

Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia (LfM)
Zollhof 2
40221 Düsseldorf

Responsible for the content of

Person responsible: Susanne Mueller, QVC Handel S.à r.l. & Co. KG
Project manager: Justina Adu, QVC Handel S.à r.l. & Co. KG

Webdesign: Jens Purkott, Visionarte

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